5 Creative Goals to have

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5 Creative Goals to have


Sorry, I’m a bit angry because, I had drafted this post and it was lit, I promise. Not too long, not too short, just perfect. But technology failed me…..AGAIN.

I promise this thing told me it saved. arrggghhhh!

Anyway, so I might as well get into it and make it more interesting for you to read. Yahhh! You can tell my thoughts are a bit animated based on the way I type. Today, I will be sharing with you my top 5 Creative goals for the next year.


Recently, my life, emotions and things have been a bit weird and my approach to figuring shit out was to rewrite my 5year plan. It is interesting how necessary this was for me, I realised the things that interested me a while ago did not even appear in my plan at all. To be fair, I loose interest in things quite easily.

Asides the usual personal, career, spiritual and financial goal, this time I added creative goals. I realised my health and spirit was a lot drained because I was not feeling creatively fulfilled. I don’t know if you know this feeling. Google says its a path to some kind of depression. I realised I needed to pick myself up, for myself and the people around me. Β So I will be sharing with you 5 of those goals. They are very simple and straight forward and I may not need to expand on them as much.

  1. Make time for your art

  2. Experiment with new materials

  3. Be more open and curious about the world around you

  4. Practice with intent

  5. Have a reservoir of ideas and be okay with creative blocks.


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The entire process of being an artist or creative is not ever supposed to be a rosy one. Sometimes, things do not work out the way we plan. Most importantly for me, I want to be satisfied with what I make regardless of where it is commercialised or not. If any, I am almost not caring much for the monies attached. Right now, thats a good space for my head to be in. Every week, I want to measure how much I have improved in something. I want to practice not just for the gram but for myself. No more excuses, I have just this life and all I want to do with it really is love, and create.


Just wanted to include this lovely picture of my new shoes from kkerele. lol! yup! I divert.


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I believe, if at the end of the year i.e August 2019 I am able to hold on to these goals and do them, I will be so much happier in my soul. Whatever kind of Artis you are, a designer, painter, stylist, photographer or whatever, I think these are good for you too.


I will love to know what your goals are too. I will also love to shout out Gozie for being a lowkey inspiration for me in terms of her consistency at working. You should check out her work if you like paintings. Thank you for reading this. Screenshot this post and put on your instagram stories, I will really love to see and repost your pages too.



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August 20, 2018 Reply

Nice article
Have been slacking with my bead craft which has been discouraging me, after reading your article am encouraged to set some creative goals for my bead craft.
Thanks Claire Idera


August 22, 2018 Reply

Absolutely love!!! My favorite part has to be doing it for myself not for the things involved, quite an elaborate and helpful article

Oluwa Tomisin

August 27, 2018 Reply

I know that feeling of unfulfillment and it did drive me down the depressed, hopelessness path but thank God I was able to drag myself out. I have always had a thing for illustration, just always felt I didn't have the natural talent for it so I shouldn't bother. However the passion resurfaced again this year and this time I really want to try it out before giving up on it. I'd really love to see myself create some mad designs that I can fall in love with before even seeking anyone's approval on it.

Amazing article as always,
*To love and create* πŸ‘πŸ‘
Now that'd a code I can live by πŸ˜‰


November 5, 2018 Reply

I really loved this, so simple yet spot on. I can totally relate as a creative and I share that believe that one has to allow for growth by creating time to try out new methods and experiment.Great write-up πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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