10 Steps to changing to a Design Career

Hey guys,

I have been meaning to talk about this for a while now so yeah, I hope this encourages someone who wishes to go into the design field but feels like they have not studied any design course to be “CERTIFIED”.


First of all, I will brief you on my career background for those who do not know. I studied Architecture for my undergraduate and studying fashion design for my Masters. I am also teaching creative practice in Kingston University London.

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The not-so-shitty year 2017

Yup! I’m glad its over, or almost over. Depends on when you read this.  read more

#DrawWithClaire is back!

I know! I know! The long awaited #drawwithclaire is finally here. And if you don’t know what its about. Its a challenge for

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Studying a Masters in Fashion Design

Without much introduction, I want to quickly state that read more

A few things about Freelancing

It will be great to start off by saying, you need to be prepared to be broke sometimes.

No! I am not always broke! Freelancing is just read more

I failed even before I began


Hi Guys,

I  drafted this blog post at the beginning of the year, I did not post it because I was not sure if I could. Grab a chocolate bar cuz this might take a while.

This is me apologizing for my failure as an artist. I failed everyone who started this journey with me. I guess I failed, I failed even before the test started. In my head I failed. As a woman who tries to be right in every conversation, I swallow my pride and step back to admit my wrongs.

I will address this! This is how I failed.

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Art Materials For Fashion Illustrations



Hi, I want to start off with thanking everyone who has subscribed, encouraged me by leaving a comment, all those who are in the #drawwithclaire challenge and my new readers. I put up this post because its one of the most requested and I am glad to eventually address it. First of all, these are not all my materials and its sad I could not put them all but I am sure this post will be sufficient for most beginners.
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Start a Drawing Habit and #DrawwithClaire

o_7f57c40fe801df75_002Hello again, I am so excited about this year and also this post but was not sure what to title it. I’m writing this post at midnight because that is when I mostly work, drinking malt and munching on oreos while watching a New York Fashion runway show of Altuzarra’s AW 15/16 Collection. Sounds a little boring but ”onezzzly” it’s not!
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