Exhibition: If Walls Could Speak by Patrick Akpojotor

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Hey Guys, it’s been a minute.

While I have been absent here, a lot of things have happened. I worked with some interesting brands, got married, moved to a new studio, got a pet rabbit and finally made a new career decision. 


I will be sharing a lot more about the latter in my blogs but today, this post is the launch of a new section in my blog called “The Artist’s Thoughts”. I will basically be highlighting exhibitions I go to, Artists conversations, Studio Visits, My recent research findings and random ideas. 

Yesterday, I went to see Patrick Akpojotor’s exhibition titled ‘If Walls Could Speak’ at The Wheatbaker Lagos. I do not have a comprehensive background in art but I know a few terms so please bear with me. Lol!

He showed about 38 pieces of art that were developed say over a period of 3years. Everything in there was imaginative and that is a gift I appreciate! His work focused generally on how the environment influences humanity and vice versa.  Some structures from his research came for a few Nigerian buildings like the Civic Center and some buildings in Obafemi Awolowo University. He also had sculptures in his exhibition and prices of all the pieces shown ranged from 300k-2M.

It was a combination of 3 series, the Embodied Identity, Self Portrait 1 and Self Portrait 2. 

The Identity series is about architecture in human form and so he had a few pieces that talked about Stella Adadevoh, a She-ro! -the next image is one of them


I was particularly interested in this exhibition because of the element of architecture in his work.

I was very fascinated by his cubic and abstract art style and just decoding the portraits I could make out from a few of the paintings was exciting for me. I work with a number of mediums like acrylic and charcoal which he used. I loved his charcoal technique most especially.


One of my favourite pieces was the ‘Legacy of Existence’ and it basically was about how some buildings we see around us hold in so must value based on period of “life”. Humans also can relate to this because a woman of 80yrs holds in so much experience and also legacy for herself-which is unique to her.

The painting right beside me on your right is the one with references from the Civic Center, it was titled ‘Citizen of the world’. I will like to know how you will interpret this one. -lets be artists in the comment section. hehe!

I won’t say I generally enjoyed the vibe of the place, maybe because it was not a gallery space and some pieces of art were doing hide and seek with me. I wanted to be consumed by the work as I didn’t get to know the thought behind all the pieces but yet again, there must have been a reason for that. On the flip side, I made my own meaning for the pieces I liked, I got to sit and talk with the people at SMOContemporary Art also. Hehe!

I hope you like this post, be sure to share on your instagram. I will love to know what you think in the comment section below. Will you like to see more of this post? Let me know!


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